Takuto Fukuda / 福田拓人 - Composer/Multimedia artist

Candle Organ

Year of project: 2015

Realized at IEM - institute of electronic music and acoustics

Genre: Sound installation
In collaboration with: Anahi Mayer, Nicola Lecca, Nick Acorne, Jonathan Carter
Program note:
Candle Organ is an interactive sound installation, which creates an interaction between a religious environment and visitors' musicality. Candles on a table conjures up a contemplative atmosphere, in response to which, the visitors can inspire and play their improvisatory music by lighting and repositioning the candles.
The candles determine three musical parameters: pitch, loudness and number of voices, which are mapped to the candles' position, brightness and number of the candles, respectively.

This piece was created by Some Designers - an artist collective: Anahi Mayer, Nicola Lecca, Nick Acorne, Jonathan Carter and Takuto Fukuda - and, first, exhibited at Sankt Andrä Church on 12 December, 2015.

The Mourning Door

Year of project: 2015

Realized at: IEM - institute of electronic music and acoustics

Duration: 6:15

Genre: Film

In collaboration with; Yasaman Ha

Program note:

The Mourning Door is a collaboration between a film maker, Yasaman Ha, and a composer, Takuto Fukuda, created in 2015 in Austria.

This piece is a story about a woman who tries to find her true self. She searches for the different parts of her character in order to help her find her true self.

In this animation, the true self is depicted as a child. Therefore, The child in The Mourning Door could be a symbol of the woman’s true self, in which her real self is represented by the child. It suggests that the woman’s true self is a beautiful unspoilt product of nature; which is worthy of limitless love; which needs the nourishment of her love, if it is to grow and unfold into its utmost perfection and all its glory. But Finding her true self turns out to be very hard. Despite her many unsuccessful attempts, she continues on her way, trying to find her true self.


Year of project: 2015

Realized at: IEM - institute of electronic music and acoustics

Duration: 6 min approximately

Genre: Film

In collaboration with; Nick Acorne, Jonathan Cater

Program note:

Evolution is an improvisatory composition for three self-made sensor instrumental players composed at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz in Austria in 2015.

This piece was inspired by evolutionary theory by Charles Darwin, and explores a possible relationship between players’ physical gesture and electroacoustic sounds. Both elements complementary reinforce to conjure up a meaningful dramaturgy in the piece.

There are three actors in this piece: God and two creatures. Structurally, this piece consists of repetitive alternations between a robotized state, in which God is dominant, and a wild state, where two creatures behave as if animals.


Year of project : 2012
Realized at : My personal studio
Duration 4:21
Genre : Film
In collaboration with : Faraòn Meteosès, Fred. L'Epée and Brigitte Severin

Program note:

SIDOL(2012) is a collaboration between a poet Faraòn Meteosès (pseudonym of Stefano Amorese), a film maker Fred. L'Epée, a narrator Brigitte Severin and a music composer Takuto Fukuda. The project is based on the original poem “SIDOL” and extended to visual and aural media, in other words, the film, the recitative and the music.

The poem "SIDOL" is part of a series of poems entitled Psicofantaossessioni by Faraòn Meteosès, published by a publisher Lietocolle in 2007.

Sidol is a product for cleaning of metals. It removes dirt and oxide from steel, copper, chrome, brass, and silver without scratching the surfaces and streak-free, ensuring a flawless polish. The poem expresses the extraordinary feeling of falsehood - fixity that comes from the civilization, which relies on brilliant shine unprecedented and unnecessary, in shambles.

The video and the music highlight the innermost of poetry, which is about defeat and loneliness of the person seeking existence of himself in a desperate relationship blurred by thought and by sense of the other, all seen, however, through dreams and memories.

The distance between headphones and ears

Year of project : 2012
Realized at : STSpot Yokohama
Duration 50:00 approx.
Genre : Dance
In collaboration with : Zan Yamashita

Remark: Interview(Japanese only) by STSpot(Japan)

Conisch's Story - Conisch second solo recital

Year of project : 2012
Realized at : My personal studio
Duration : 90:00 approx.
Genre : Concert
In collaboration with : Conisch

Eurydice's grief

Year of project : 2011
Realized at : My personal studio
Duration : 50:00 approx.
Genre : Theatrical Opera
In collaboration with : Ensemble Genesis, Megumi Kamimura
Founded by : Japan Arts Council, Asahi beer Arts Cultural Foundation

Amakusa passion

Year of project : 2010
Realized at : Sonology Department, The Royal Conservatory in The Hague
Duration : 50:00 approx.
Genre : Theater
In collaboration with : Masato Suzuki, Ayako Toyama
Program note :
This piece is based on the real persecutions to Christianity in the Medieval Period in Japan.
The performance takes place in a theatre in a church, which is for this occasion dedicated to Shiro, who died in 1637 at the age of 15. He tried to save faithful Christian people in Amakusa from the cruel persecutions of the new Daimyo, the 50 feudal lord of the region. This story is recorded in a Dutch merchants' chronicle and is one of the most tragic episode in Japanese history.

Life Area

Year of project : 2009
Realized at : Sonology Department, The Royal Conservatory in The Hague
Duration : No information
Genre : Installation
In collaboration with : Yoichi Sugama, Tomohisa Hashimoto
Program note :
Life Area is a collaboration between a music composer Tomohisa Hashimoto (NL/JP) and a visual artist Yohichi Sugama (JP). It is an installation made of old lockers, combined with a sound mix recorded on the streets. The lockers are placed in the entrance hall of Nuthuis, in the transition space between inside and outside. Leaning to the front, at the verge between standing and falling, doors half open half closed, the installation functions as a metaphor for being in- and out of, open and close to life.

Femme Insecte

Year of project : 2008
Realized at : Sonology Department, Kunitachi College of Music
Duration : 50:00 approx.
Genre : Theather
In collaboration with : Ippei Hoasaka, Masanori Oishi