Takuto Fukuda / 福田拓人 - Composer/Multimedia artist


Takuto Fukuda(b.1984/Japan) is a composer, a sound artist and a sensor instrument performer woking in the field of electroacoustic and mixed music.

He received his BA(Sonology/2008) from Kunitachi College of Music in Japan, his first MA(Sonology/2011) from The Royal Conservatory in The Hague in The Netherlands and his second MA(Computer Music/2016) from the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz in Austria. He has studied under Takayuki Rai, Shintaro Imai, Cort Lippe, Johan van Kreij, Naoko Hishinuma and Masakazu Natsuda. He has been pursuing his D.Mus at McGill University in Canada with Chris Paul Harman.

His pieces have been awarded the FUTURA prize at "CCMC 2011"(Japan), a third prize at “International Taiwan Electroacoustic Music Award”(Taiwan), an honorary mention at "Musica Nova 2010"(Czech) and “the Bowling Green State University New Music Ensemble 2017 Call for Scores”(USA), selected at numerous music festivals in Europe, Asia, North and South America such as “ISCM World Music Days 2016“(Korea), NYCEMF 2014”(USA), “ICMC 2012”(Slovenia), “EMUFest 2011”(Italia), "Concert Banc d’essai"(France), "ACL Asia Music Festival"(Japan) and “Ai-maako 2007"(Chile), and performed at prestigious institutes such as IRCAM(France), ZKM(Germany), ina-GRM(France), CCRMA(USA), IEM(Austria) and Institute of Sonology(The Netherlands).

He has attended at private lessons with outstanding composers such as Philippe Leroux, Philippe Manoury, Isabel Mundry and Chaya Czernowin at various composition academies such as Matrix Academy(Germany), Impuls Academy(Austria) and Manifeste 2016(France).

He has been composing for several interdisciplinary projects in collaboration with creators in other field of arts such as contemporary dance and film. These projects have been performed at several dance festivals such as “NRW INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL 2008 with Pina Bausch”(Germany), “Summer of Tokyo”(Japan) and “Art Festival by Japan Cultural Affairs”(Japan), and film festivals such as “The first mother festival of film and photo 2015”(Iran), “5th Khorshid Independent Short Film Festival”(Iran) and “NIT ELECTRO SONORA AL CASTELL / CA DON VENTURA”(Spain).

He is active as a member of Elektrichka - a performative electroacoustic group - together with his colleagues, Nick Acorne and Jonathan Carter. He has composed several pieces for their self-made sensor instruments, and has performed at various occasions such as “ARS Electronica”(Austria), “Conference: Soundscapes and Sonic Cultures in America”(Austria) and “Münchner Science & Fiction Festival”(Germany).

He received a grant from Nomura foundation(Japan) as well as Gesellschaft der Freunde der Kunstuniversität Graz(Austria).


31 August - 3 September, 2016: Sound and Music Computing Conference(Germany)

"Beyond the eternal chaos" will be performed
Venue: Hamburg, Germany(details undecided)

2 September, 2016: DEGEM S.T.R.E.A.M. Festival(Germany)

"Assimilation" will be performed
Venue: the Kampnagel Theatre Complex or the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg, Germany

3 September, 2016: DEGEM Artists portrats(Germany)
I will make a presentation about my work
Venue: Hamburg, Germany(details undecided)

10 September, 2016: Ars Electronica(Austria)
"Assimilation" will be performed
Venue: Multichannel Computer Music Concert Hall at the Anton Bruckner University Linz, Austria

29 September - 3 October, 2016: The Cumnock Tryst(GB)
"Schnellzug" will be performed


13 July, 2016

I am invited for a presentation by DEGEM

11 July, 2016
"Assimilation" has been selected for performance at Ars Electronica

1 July, 2016
"Beyond the eternal chaos" has been selected for performance at Sound and Music Computing Conference